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Computer Tips

Backup Your Data!

We have seen clients lose valuable information. After spending a great deal of time and expense entering information into QuickBooks (and other programs), your data becomes very valuable. The information that it contains can provide important insight and information regarding your business. Be sure to protect your data! As is the case with all your data, protect it as a valuable asset of your company. Hard drives can fail. Many businesses go through the loss of important data before they finally get adequate backup procedures.

One backup strategy is to try to have one central location of all of your data files. Some people use the “My Documents” folder for this. At least periodically, if not daily, copy all of this data to another drive (or CD disk). Rotate more than one backup so that you are not depending on just one copy. Always keep a copy of this data safely off-site in case of fire. Don't use floppy disks for backups. They are inherently unreliable. Approximately 10% of floppy disks are defective.

Go to our Backup Devices page to see what might be worth considering.

For backup software we use a free program that runs scheduled backups to most media and across networks. The program is called Cobian Backup. You can use a second harddrive, external USB harddrive or another computer to hold your backup files. You can schedule backups to run every night to protect your data.

Great Free Anti-Virus Software

Use virus checking software and keep it updated. A good free version is AVG Anti-Virus software. Go to and download a free version. I suggest that you set your anti-virus software to automatically update.

Reduce or Eliminate Popup Ads

Try another great free program, Spybot Search and Destroy. You can download this at This does a great job at eliminating the small files that are written to your computer while visiting some websites. These files can reduce your web browsing speed and cause popup ads.


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